Luna Imperial Stout

Luna Imperial Stout

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A dark, bold, complex and rich Imperial Stout. Starting off with a quick caramel sweetness it is followed up with some big roasted malt and coffee flavours, all nicely balanced with present, but not overly powerful hops. At 9.2% volume its warming in all the right ways and deliciously full bodied.

The first of the Nocturnal Series, we wanted it to be represented by our moon, a beacon of the night's sky (when it isn't too cloudy or a new moon!) and her Latin name gives it just that.

Style - Imperial Stout

ABV - 9.2% vol

Hops - Magnum and East Kent Goldings

Ingredients - Water, Malted Barley (Gluten), Hops and Yeast

Size - 330ml

Suitable for vegans

Bottle conditioned